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PRABHATA SINDHURI EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY founder members, Jayalakshmi YVSS and Srinivas Y are the proud parents of a Special Child “SINDHURI” who is a Microcephalus having problems in speech, self care and academics. Mrs. Jayalakshmi acquired Diploma and Degree in Special Education, worked with various institutions as Special Educator, Principal and Administrator.

We have started PRABHATA SINDHURI SPECIAL SCHOOL (Intellectually Challenged) in 2009 with 2 children. Within a short span the school had 20 children. We encouraged some of the parents to get trained in Special Education to take care of their children and to support the School and then registered PRABHATA SINDHURI EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY on 11th Jan 2012. We provide rehabilitation services to special children, free of cost irrespective of caste, creed, sex and religion age group starting 6 months to 25 years. At present we have 65 special children being taken care by special educators and therapists supported by care takers with a decent infrastructure.

Identifying special children as per their IQ levels /chronological age. Guide mentally challenged Mild group, in improving their cognitive skills, communication, social and per-writing skills. 

Relief to the Poor: We Provide free of cost education, therapies and training for poor children with special needs irrespective of caste, creed, sex.

Conceptual Learning: Children are given concepts& tasks according to the occasion, so that they involve themselves,understand and learn the significance of the event by participating and enacting.

Parental counseling to motivate the parent, accept and support the child and prepare the parents to face the challenges that arise with a special child.

Training on Home Management helps the child in self help skills and behavior modification.

Physiotherapy & Occupational therapy will be given to Cerebral Palsy and Autistic children to make them strong and self sustaining.

Early Intervention with sensory rehabilitation is provided for DDMS (Delayed Developmental Milestones) children 

Music Therapy is given particularly to the children with Autism & ADHD.